Steps for Updating the SEO area of Sugarwebspace
As a rule, sites built using our editor enjoy great visibility and an excellent reputation on search engines. You can set up your own SEO options:

Hover above "Settings" in the left corner of the Top Toolbar and click "SEO/Analytics Setup."

You will be taken to this screen:

Here, you can describe your site and choose how it will appear in search engines.

Enter your site’s title or business name, the relevant keywords such as your city & state, and a short description of your business.

You can also upload a favicon and a social image that will appear when your site is shared on social media.

Finally, enter your Google Analytics ID and/or Facebook Pixel ID, to track your site’s activity.

When you’re finished, click "Set" to save all settings, and then push "Publish" to publish your changes.

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